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Greenwich Contracts has provided professional contract management, payroll and administrative support to temporary workers in the Gas and Oil industry for 5+ years.

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The current climate in which the industry sits is turbulent to say the least. 2020 has been a year of difficulty and frustration for Gas and Oil professionals – market volatility & value reduction due to a lull in demand during the pandemic has taken its toll. This, coupled with the global shift towards renewables has reinforced the necessity for adaptation and innovation of affected businesses.

Now more than ever, a wealth of experience and talent is needed within the industry – we foresee much of this being provided by highly skilled contractors.

We’re here to help! Over time we have tailored our procedures and insurance policies to ensure we’re able to cater all professions within the industry, onshore and offshore.

We guarantee a quick application procedure, industry leading customer service and accurate, same day payments every time you produce a timesheet. You’ll also have access to our acclaimed #GCrewards program, offering exclusive features to Greenwich Contracts employees.

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