About Us

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a single contract or multiple contract assignments in the Private or Public Sector. We have a simple, robust service to fulfill all your needs and more

Join the many contractors using our services today.

We only charge a flat fee when you use us, with no setup or leaving fees, so no payments, no charges – Simple!

We Make Contracting An Easy Affair

Working with us means you benefit from full employment rights as well as comprehensive insurance protection. Payroll can be monitored from most devices on our easy-to-use portal, with payments made directly to your account minus any tax and national insurance contributions that you are required to pay by law.


We Work Hard For You

Our team works hard to keep up to date with all legislation, employment, and tax law and will keep you up to date with any changes so that you can focus on the job at hand.

You do the work, we process your PAYE payment and deductions while providing full employment benefits that you would expect as a valued member of the team. We also provide all necessary insurances to allow you to work stress-free on any number of temporary contracts.


Here To Make Life Easy For All Contractors

Using an umbrella company like us is the easiest, safest and most efficient way to setup and get paid as a contractor. No matter if you are in the Private or Public sectors, you will be an employee of our company with full employee rights. 

IR35 reform will take place in April 2021. The legislation can be confusing, so feel free to raise questions or concerns that you may have – our team is happy to help.


Tax & NIC Contributions Made
Direct to HMRC

Upon receiving gross funds, we’ll process all necessary tax and NI deductions and will submit them to HMRC directly using RTI. You’ll always have access to your payslip information via your personal portal. 

If HMRC updates your tax code, you should receive a letter from them regarding it, and we will be updated as your employer.

Interested In Referring Your Friends?

why not refer them over to us, we’ll guarantee quick application, the best service in the industry, and (as you know) they’ll have access to GCL’s wonderful support team whenever they should need us.

Professional and efficient employment services for contractors.

Our existence centres around offering a professional Umbrella employment service to all levels of
contractors, who want a personal experience that ensures they meet all their legal and taxation
requirements to allow them to work professionally and efficiently across multiple contracts.

Faster Payments

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient same-day payment processing.

Deal With Real People

Professional, friendly contract managers are available whenever you need advice.

Ultimate Flexibility

Freedom to move between contracts, agencies, and clients with one employer.