Professional and efficient employment services for contractors.

Our existence centres around offering a professional Umbrella employment service to all levels of
contractors, who want a personal experience that ensures they meet all their legal and taxation
requirements to allow them to work professionally and efficiently across multiple contracts.

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What We Do

We will become your employer, giving you employee rights and you will be covered under our insurances. We will deal with your agency or end client to facilitate setup and will process payments as soon as they come into our account. You will receive payment less the relevant deductions and a payslip showing these deductions.

Who Is It for?

Our service is for new or seasoned contractors who need a professional and reliable services to enable them to work with agencies under full employment across single or multiple contracts. We are happy to help anyone new to contracting with clear explanations and you are welcome to try our established service, with no setup or exit fees.

Fast Payments

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient same day payment processing.

Deal with real people

Professional, friendly contract managers available whenever you need advice.

Ultimate flexibility

Freedom to move between contracts, agencies and clients with one employer.

Join the many contractors using our services today. We only charge a flat fee when you use us, with no set up or leaving fees, so no payments, no charges - Simple!

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