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For Contractors - Greenwich

For Contractors

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a single contract or multiple contract assignments in the Private or Public Sector. We have a simple, robust service to fulfill all your needs and more


Flat fee with NO sign up or leaving cost

Full employment benefits and insurances

Deal with real people who care

Why You Need An Umbrella Company Like Us

When your agency says you need an Umbrella company to get paid, you need to find one that’s trustworthy, gets you paid on time, handles all the paperwork and legal stuff, so you can say yes to the contract, do your work and get paid on time.

Top Reasons Contractors Choose To Use Greenwich Contracts:

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  • Same Day Payments
  • Quick application
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • 24/7 access to your personal portal
  • Auto-Enrollment to pension plan
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Reduced administration
  • Trusted supplier to over 100 Agencies
  • Dedicated personal service
  • Unwavering compliance
  • Years of industry Experience

Fast Payments

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient same day payment processing

Deal With Real People

Professional, friendly contract managers available whenever you need advice

Ultimate Flexibility

Freedom to move between contracts, agencies and clients with one fixed employer when you need it

Pension Plan

We use an auto-enrollment plan to make sure you are entered into a pension scheme as any normal employee

Insurance Cover

We have you covered with Employers Liability, Employees Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances

24/7 Portal Access

Submit your timesheets and monitor your payment status in real time directly from your device anytime, anywhere.

Unwavering Compliance

Our team keep up with all changes to Government legislation, Employment or Tax law to keep you working safely

Trusted Supplier

We work with an extensive range of agencies, having developed trusted relationships over the years

Quick Application

Our sign up process is through an online portal accessible from most devices to make things as quick and easy as possible

Join the many contractors using our services today. We only charge a flat fee when you use us, with no set up or leaving fees;
so if you have no payments, there will be no charges - simple.

1st Class Service As Standard

When I was looking for an Umbrella company to use, I just wanted to know I would get paid on time, without any hassles. Someone is always on hand if I have a question, so I'm happy!
UX Designer
When I was told that I couldn’t use my LTD company I needed a trusted Umbrella who my agency could use. They only charge me when I use it, so it works perfectly and I never have to worry about IR35.
Project Manager
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